An Affordable Education: Keeping Tuition Low



Because we seek to transform our culture, from the beginning one of the great principles of Chesterton Academy has been a commitment to thrift. Our dream is a return to the days when a strong, classical Catholic education was affordable for any middle- or working-class family, large or small, living on a single income.

Thanks to a commitment to frugality, the dedication of faculty and staff, and the generous support of donors, Chesterton Academy is able to offer an outstanding education at a price affordable to all families. Chesterton Academy offers a tuition that is the lowest among benchmark schools. Discounts are extended for siblings and tuition assistance is awarded to families with demonstrated need.

Students learn to take initiative and that they can do a lot with a little.

The trade-off for low tuition is a no-frills environment. Chesterton Academy leases modest space from existing churches. Sports and extra-curricular activities are largely organized and funded by parents and volunteers. Overhead expenses are kept to a minimum. The unassuming environment, however, provides an important learning opportunity for Chesterton Academy students. Students learn to take initiative and that they can do a lot with a little. The modest Chesterton Academy environment is an important antidote to the pervasive materialist temptations bombarding most teens today.

Perhaps the most important factor both in keeping the school affordable and in building a community of faith, hope, and charity is the deep involvement of parents in the school. Chesterton Academy parents volunteer in myriad ways, coach our sports teams, organize outings, and help us raise money to fund scholarships and to keep the school growing.